‘Nordic Walking – The Natural Workout’ Newsletter – 27th November 2018

Dear All,

Sorry Folks, but this is a slightly longer Newsletter.  Lots to tell you.

Firstly, welcome to our final NW UK Passport Holder for 2018.  Congratulation and I look forward to introducing you to some of the others on a walk soon.

Christmas Celebrations – Saturday 8th December

Below are the details of our Christmas Walk & Meal.  Needless to say, I would love you to join us for both.  However, other commitments may not permit this, so please just join in with as much as you can & want to.

Some of you have asked if we are ‘dressing up’ for the occasion.  The choice is yours.  I will wrap tinsel around my poles and wear a Christmas headband for the walk.  For the meal, I will be wearing a festive / party top – getting changed in the ladies’ toilet area.  It will be more of a ‘nod to Christmas’ than getting ‘dressed up’.  Also, I will bring some clean shoes with me, just in case.

Christmas Walk – 10am or 10.45am

There are two walks listed on the booking system.  The 1.5-hour walk will start at 10am, returning to the car park to meet those who would prefer the 1-hour walk.  While those joining us ‘warm up’ and ‘mobilise’, those who have already been walking can grab a drink & a breather.  Then, at 10.45am we will all head off together.

As those of you who use Facebook know, I recced the walk last Sunday and was amazed how dry it was underfoot.  It wasn’t muddy at all 😊.  I still need to check the short-cut for mud, and time the extension; however, after last Sunday, I am sure both will be fine.  I will do that this coming Sunday, so that I can see the impact of the current wet weather.

The route is suitable for all of you, so please don’t hesitate to book.  If you want to talk about it, just give me a ring.  Why not try the 1.5-hour walk?  A few of the group who have joined the longer walks in the last few weeks have started by saying: ‘I’m not sure about this’, and finished by saying: ‘The time flew by’.  You can all do it: give yourself a Christmas surprise 😊

Christmas Meal – Noon

I must provide numbers to the pub on Saturday.  The ‘bookings’ I have at the moment are listed below (deleted for public posting), so please check it includes your current wishes.  If you plan to attend, are you on the list and is your food choice correct?  If you do not plan to attend, please ensure you are not on the list.

Please advise me of any changes by the end of Friday.

The links to the menus are below.



Freedom Passport Codes

Just a reminder to those who have completed the ‘Learn to Nordic Walk’ course recently to enter your Freedom Activation Code (the CC Code) into Exercise Anywhere.  You will need to do this before you can book any walks, to claim your free membership of NW UK and to get the discounts that membership affords you.

Shop & Drop

Don’t forget to select my ‘Shop & Drop’ as your delivery preference for your purchases from NW UK.  You need to do this by the end of this coming Sunday (2nd December).

I know a few of you plan to buy poles from there and at least one person was looking at boots.  Also, don’t forget the Shop & Drop facility is useful for smaller purchases where the delivery charge would almost double the cost.  Paw Bags are a classic for this.  They are really useful, if you take the paws off mid-walk when they are muddy, and cost £5.95

Evening Walks

Many of you are probably already aware of this, but I thought I would clarify something regarding the timing of the evening walks.

The evening walks exist because some members work 8/9am until 5/6pm Monday-Friday and would be restricted to weekend walks otherwise.  Also, especially during the months when it gets dark earlier, it is normally those people who join those walks and, so far, they have not booked at the last minute.

Over the last couple of months, I have frequently been asked if I could bring the walk forward.  On those occasions, I have contacted those who have booked, we have agreed a new time, I have posted the change on Facebook and the walk has gone ahead.  As far as I am aware, none of you has any objections to this, so I plan to continue with this arrangement.

So, to clarify the arrangements for the evening walks:

  • They will be placed on the Booking System to start at 7pm.
  • If someone who has booked advises me that they can meet earlier, I will contact other attendees and agree a new start time – the earliest everyone can meet.
  • I will post the change on Facebook.
  • If anyone who is not on Facebook would like to know if a particular walk is ‘brought forward’, let me know & I will text you.

If I have confused you completely, please let me know 😊

Future Walks

There are currently 12 walks available to book and they are listed below.  Follow the link to my website https://nwukthenaturalworkout.co.uk/activities/ to find all of the details and photographs, and to book.

Thursday 29th November at 10am

  • Red Rock (Standish)

Thursday 29th November at 7pm

  • In & Around Orrell at Night (Orrell)

Friday 30th November at 2pm

  • Greenslate Water Meadows (Orrell)

Saturday 1st December at 10am

  • Cuerden Valley Park (Clayton Green) – 1.5 hours

Monday 3rd December at 10am

  • Haigh Woodland Park (Wigan) – 1.5 hours

Monday 3rd December at 7pm

  • Rights of Way through Appley Bridge & Shevington Vale at Night (Appley Bridge)

Wednesday 5th December at 2pm

  • In & Around Standish (Standish)

Thursday 6th December at 10am

  • Astley Park (Chorley) – 1 hour

Thursday 6th December at 7pm

  • In & Around Standish at Night (Standish)

Friday 7th December at 2pm

  • Red Rock (Standish)

Saturday 8th December at 10am

  • Christmas Walk around Appley Bridge (Appley Bridge) – 1.5 hours

Saturday 8th December at 10.45am

  • Christmas Walk around Appley Bridge (Appley Bridge) – 1 hour

See you all soon.


Updated: December 19, 2018 — 2:18 pm