‘Nordic Walking – The Natural Workout’ Newsletter – 22nd November 2018

Dear All,

Well, Winter has definitely arrived in the last couple of days – brrrrr!  Yes, it is colder out there and I have had my gloves on, but it has still been dry and the sun has joined us for most of our walks this week.

This week included our first trip to Cuerden Valley Park.  It’s a beautiful place for a walk, with plenty of prepared paths to keep us out of the Winter mud 😊.

New Members

Welcome to our three new Nordic Walking UK Passport Holders.  You all did extremely well on the course and I am looking forward to seeing you all on walks soon.


On the subject of gloves, some of you asked me about said item of clothing.  I wear a pair of cycling gloves that I have had for years and they work well.  However, if I were buying specifically for Nordic Walking, I would want them to be:

  • Waterproof – the rain hasn’t joined us on our walks so far, but you can’t guarantee that will be the case throughout the Winter.
  • Warm enough – your hands are ‘in the lead’, but they will warm up as you walk.
  • Not too bulky – they need to fit inside the straps on the poles.
  • Withstand any potential wear caused by contact with the strap where it attaches to the pole.

Of the gloves NW UK had in the shop when I was at NW UK HQ in July, ‘Gabel Expert’ are the ones I would have bought and they are still available, albeit not in red.  However, that was 4 months ago and the range will have changed.  Also, you may feel the cold more than I do.  If you need more advice, please ring the shop.  They are extremely helpful.

I was asked about the head-torch I use.  I bought it in ‘Up & Running’ in Manchester.  It is a ‘Scout XL230’ (£25).  I asked if I could have a discount and they gave me 10% off 😊.

Walking shoes are the other things people ask about.  Mine are ‘Mist GTX’ from Hotter.  They are Gortext and the soles are flexible.  The full price is £99, but they are in the 25% Black Friday Sale.

Don’t forget the NW UK ‘Purple Sale’. As it is a ‘Flash Sale’, you can only access the items advertised in the e-mail by clicking on the pictures in the e-mail!  If you haven’t received an e-mail or your e-mail doesn’t open properly, please let me know & I will forward the one I received.

In order to get free postage & packing when buying from NW UK, use my ‘Shop & Drop’, I have set one up for delivery to me on Wednesday 5th December.  You need to shop, pay & drop your purchases into my box by the end of Sunday 2nd December (a week on Sunday).

If you need poles, that will give you time to look & think.  If you are buying from the sale, don’t delay – they may sell out.  The ‘Shop & Drop’ is on the list of delivery options now, so you can start to fill it up straight away.

Please let me know, if you plan to buy, so that I can keep track of the total.

Learn to Nordic Walk Courses

I have advertised a new course starting at 2pm on Monday 26th November in Parbold.  It will be the last course before Christmas, so please pass the word and let’s walk into 2019 with even more mew friends 😊

Christmas Get-Together

There are now 11 of us interested in, and available for, a get-together on Saturday 8th December – Anne, Louise, Gail, Gaynor, Julie, Keith, Lorraine, Karen, Vicki and Susan G (plus me, of course).

The plan is to go for a walk, meeting at 11am, and follow it with Lunch, or an Afternoon Tea at Pesto’s at Appley Bridge.  Both Lunch and Afternoon Tea will be available from noon, so the choice is yours.  However, we have to book the numbers for Afternoon Tea a couple of days before, so you do have to decide in advance which you would like.  The links to the menus on the website are below.



The associated walk will be open to all and I will publish the details when they are finalised.  I have found a route on the map, but still have to walk it to ensure it is suitable.  If your name does not appear in the list of names above and you would like to join us for food, please let me know.

The restaurant does not need a deposit from us 😊, but I do need to give numbers by 1st December (a week on Saturday).  So, check your diaries and see if you can join us.  It will be a lot of fun.

Future Walks

I finalised the route for the ‘Rights of way between Shevington & Standish’ walk this afternoon and it is all on the website.  Please note that, although it starts in Standish, the meeting place is not the usual one – it’s just along the road from Bunny Wood 😊.

There are currently 8 walks available to book and they are listed below.  Follow the link to my website https://nwukthenaturalworkout.co.uk/activities/ to find all of the details and photographs, and to book.

Friday 23rd November at 10am

  • Worthington Lakes (Standish)

Saturday 24th November at 10am

  • Rights of way between Shevington & Standish – 1.5 hours

Monday 26th November at 10am

  • In & Around the Beacon – 1.5 hours (Up Holland)

Monday 26th November at 7pm

  • In & Around Standish (Standish)

Wednesday 28th November at 2pm

  • Yarrow Valley (Coppull)

Thursday 29th November at 10am

  • Red Rock (Standish)

Thursday 29th November at 7pm

  • In & Around Orrell (Orrell)

Friday 30th November at 10am

  • Greenslate (Orrell)

See you all soon.


Updated: November 22, 2018 — 7:17 pm