‘Nordic Walking – The Natural Workout’ Newsletter – 21st September 2018

Dear All,

So, September marches on, Storm Ali came to visit and his or her friend, Storm Bronagh, is here now.  Despite the rain this morning, the ground is still not too muddy, so I haven’t written off any walks, yet 😊.  However, it is now getting dark before 8pm, so the fields and canal towpaths are no longer options for the evening walks ☹

One huge plus is that Autumn is on its way, with all those wonderful colours.  It really is the most beautiful of the seasons.  I can’t wait.

Winter Shopping

I promised to ‘report back’, regarding what I found during my shopping trips:

  • GORTEX walking shoes. I went to Hotter in Southport.  They have a number of styles and the soles are good and flexible.  For people like me who have wide feet that get even wider as they get hot, there is only one really – Mist GTX.  I tested the waterproofing this morning, deliberately walking though long, wet grass.  By the time I got home, the shoes were extremely wet on the outside, but the inside of the shoes, my socks and my feet were all dry 😊.  The shoes cost £99, which is cheaper than any pair of GORTEX trainers I would have found.  Also, Hotter currently has an offer running that gives a discount for multiple purchases.
  • Walking trousers. Hi Gear Nebraska Zip-Off Women’s Walking Trousers for less than £18 from Go Outdoors.  I say ‘less than’, because that is the price with their card.  Take your Nordic Walking UK discount off that price.  They are not waterproof or warm.  They are good for wearing a base-layer underneath on the cooler days.
  • Lights. I bought some in ‘Up & Running’ in Manchester.  A head torch – Scout XL230 (£25).  Plus a small light for my rucksack – Rechargeable Clip Light (£10).  I asked if I could have a discount and they gave me 10% off those prices 😊

As I said last week, I am not suggesting you need to buy anything in particular, but you need to think about what you are wearing, as you need to stay warm and safe.

What’s New?

As usual, I have been out & about looking at routes for walks that will survive the Winter weather and be suitable for the dark nights.  Over the weekend, I will publish the walks for October and the new ones will be included.  The descriptions will be quite generic as the precise route will vary according to the weather, time of day and who is walking.  I am gathering a number of routes from each meeting point, so that there will still be variety over the Autumn, Winter and early Spring.


We have three ‘Special’ walks over the next few months.  The Macmillan Big Brew Walk (Friday 28th September) will do what it says on the tin. – support Macmillan.  Please try to join us.  The ‘Long Sunday’ Walk – Hey! Haigh! Away Day! (Sunday 30th September) is an excellent opportunity for a longer walk, followed by lunch, with a bigger group of people.  Finally, I would still like to have a ‘Christmas Walk & Lunch’ on Saturday 8th December, so please put it in your diaries.

More details on all of these are in earlier Newsletters and full details of the first two are on the website.

Learn to Nordic Walk Courses

The Learn to Nordic Walk course starting on Saturday 29th September at 10am on Alder Lane Playing field / Chapel Lane Meadow, Bramble Way, Parbold is proving to be popular 😊.  However, there is still space, if you know anyone who may be interested.

The one that will start on Tuesday 25th September at 4.30pm in the Beacon Country Park in Up Holland will currently be a smaller group, but there are more people thinking about it.  If you know any of them, give them a nudge. 😊

The bigger the group, the more varied the ‘characters’, the more of a party each walk will become.  Please spread the word about Nordic Walking and the next two Learn to Nordic Walk Courses.

Walks Available to Book

There are currently 8 walks available to book and they are listed below.  As stated above, I will be adding to the list over the weekend.  Just follow the link to my website and you will find all of the details and photographs, and be able to book.


Sunday 23rd September at 4pm

  • Worthington Lakes (Standish)

Monday 24th September at 7pm

  • Orrell Water Park (Orrell)

Wednesday 26th September at 2pm

  • Route 55 (Red Rock, Standish)

Thursday 27th September at 10am

  • Up, Down, Over & Under (Appley Bridge)

Thursday 27th September at 7pm

  • Leeds-Liverpool Canal Northern Circular (Appley Bridge)

Friday 28th September at 10am

  • Macmillan Big Brew Walk in & around Standish – £6 Donation per Walker (Standish)

Sunday 30th September at 9.30am

  • ‘Long Sunday’ Walk – Hey! Haigh! Away Day! (Red Rock, Standish)

Sunday 30th September at 4pm

  • In & Around the Beacon Country Park (Up Holland)

See you all soon.


Updated: September 21, 2018 — 1:48 pm