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The aim of the group is to have fun in the fresh air.  Nordic Walking is a fun, sociable, whole-body activity, held out of doors that will enable you to achieve things you never thought possible.  Training in the Nordic Walking technique is followed by walks to suit all abilities.

Already fit or someone who wants to take the first steps to fitness?  Looking for a low-impact activity to maintain your fitness or aid recovery from injury?  Want to make new friends who love being active out of doors?  If you answered: ‘Yes’ to any of those questions, Nordic Walking is for you.

The technique focusses on moving the way nature intended.  Therefore, once mastered, you will wish you had learned it years ago.  You will probably wake up a few muscles that have been asleep for a while.  However, a few other muscles will be glad of the new-found help 😊.  Overall, you will be, and feel, happier, healthier and fitter.

You do not need any specialist clothes, just wear something that does not restrict your movement and is suitable for the prevailing weather conditions.  Footwear should be trainers or other flat shoes that allow your feet to bend as you walk.

Nordic Walking poles will be provided for all classes.

The weekly walks will last approximately an hour.  However, there will be the opportunity to venture further afield for longer walks.  Importantly, as a friendly and sociable group, all activities end in the vicinity of a source of refreshments.  The venue will be suitable for lunch at the end of the longer walks.

Cecilia Griffin

Hi.  I would like to introduce myself, Cecilia Griffin.  All those who really know me say how natural a ‘next step’ running Nordic Walking – The Natural Workout is for me.  I have always been an active person, loved being in the hills and been a great believer in ‘automatic’ exercise – exercise that just happens.  Also, my other loves (all styles of partner dancing, skiing and SCUBA diving) are all sociable, active and fun.  I found Nordic Walking while recovering from, yet another, wipe out while skiing.  Many years of trying to break myself had resulted in my muscles actually stopping my joints moving freely and I needed to retrain my muscles and joints.  Nordic Walking is the perfect way to do that without thinking – ‘automatically’ 😊

Finding Nordic Walking coincided a major reassessment of my employment options.  My job had changed and become something that I did not want.  Forever the opportunist who loves change, I cut the chains to the chair and the computer and embarked on a life Nordic Walking.  After qualifying as a Fitness and Nordic Walking UK instructor, I launched Nordic Walking – The Natural Workout and I am looking forward to welcoming you to my brilliant adventure.


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